Dorothy Hafner for Tiffany & Co. Vase


Designer: Dorothy Hafner

Manufacturer: Tiffany & Co

Materials: Glazed pottery

Country of Origin: Germany

Date: 1984

Dimensions: 8” H x 5” W x 2.5” D

Condition: Excellent

Dorothy Hafner [b. 1952] is an American ceramicist and glass artist. She founded Art in Dining in NYC in 1979, designing tableware for Neiman Marcus, Tiffany & Co, and Rosenthal. 

Hafner found herself dissatisfied with the popular mass-produced blue and white dinnerware, and began creating her own dishes. Word of Hafner’s dinnerware traveled between friends and family and in 1979, she became the first American artist commissioned by Tiffany & Co. to design and produce handmade porcelain dinnerware. Each set contains a variety of pieces including plates, cups, saucers, and pitchers, and is carefully crafted and constructed by hand using thin slabs of clay and decorated with painted glaze designs. The sharpness of Hafner’s designs could suggest use of digitally printed decals, but in reality, Hafner painted each crisp line and circular dot by hand. While each set is functional, Hafner’s use of color and form showcases her commitment to impeccable design. Hafner claims, “Functionality is only one concern. I also strive to create forms and decorations that reflect my personal responses and the times in which I work. I always want each [piece] to be having a party on its own, even when not in use.”