Wedgwood & Co Ld Mushroom Vase


Manufacturer: Wedgwood & Co Ld

Materials: Glazed Pottery

Country of Origin: UK

Date: 1930s?

Dimensions: 2.875” H x 6” W x 6” D

Condition: Very good with an indent that seems to be a production flaw on the inside rim. No crazing or other flaws. 

Enoch Wedgwood – a distant cousin of Josiah Wedgwood of the more well known Wedgwood & Sons – formed the company Wedgwood & Co in 1860 No longer in the hands of any Wedgwood family members, the company became a limited company in 1900. The Unicorn mark was trademarked in 1910 though it had been used earlier. 

This fanciful mottled mushroom-shaped vase is likely from the 1930s and seems woodland or faerie inspired.