Oct 10th 2020

Andrea Branzi Nina Compote

Branzi is a designer, architect and critic and was a member of Archizoom Associati in the 1970s and a founder of Domus Academy in 1983. MariTomi commissioned a group of Italian designers and architects to design tabletop items that would allow the company to explore creating modern plastic versions of traditional lacquerware.

Enzo Mari Pago Pago Vase Model No. 3087

Artist-designer Enzo Mari [b. 1932] studied art and literature at the Accademia di Brera in Milan and opened his design studio in Milan in 1952. Mari’s work is driven by function and respect for materials. It ranges from furniture, ceramics, and objects, to books, games, and beyond. Vase Model 3087 (1969) is one of his most notable works – a double conical vase that functions whether standing on its top or bottom. His work is included in the permanent collections of numerous institutions, with the Museum of Modern Art alone counting nearly thirty Mari designs.

Frank Gehry Torque Vase for Tiffany & Co.

Of the six "lines" Frank Gehry created for Tiffany & Co. [Fish, Orchid, Fold, Equus, Axis, and Torque], Torque was perhaps the most directly related to his architecture – this Torque vase a tabletop version of Gehry's InterActiveCorp [IAC] headquarters in Manhattan. Because Gehry's relationship with Tiffany & Co. lasted a short 3 years and there were only a handful of tabletop items [along with 100s of jewelry designs], these pieces have rightly reached cult status.

George Sowden Sereno Fruit Bowl

Englishman George Sowden was a co-founder of the Memphis Group in Milan in 1981. This stainless-steel bowl for Bodum bears the hallmarks of Sowden’s designs in metal and ceramics in the 1980s and beyond. No longer in production.

Jaimie Hayon Grid Vase 5

Spanish artist and designer Jaimie Hayon has deployed his joyous creative vision across a wide range of objects and materials including furniture, tile, crystal and ceramics. The Grid vase in its various forms and finishes was inspired by British history with its suits of armor, helmets and fencing masks as well as the Islamic arts and crafts of Turkey.

Marc Newson Orgone Vase for Cappellini

Marc Newson, a Sydney native, is a global design superstar, creating furniture, interiors, suitcases, shoes, watches, yachts, cars, jets, and many other projects. His particular 21st Century version of space age, jet-setting modernism is well-represented in his Orgone Vase of 1993. Designed with a lid and three holes, it is as much sculpture as flower vase.

Marcel Wanders Silver Vases

Marcel Wanders has designed over 1,700 products for many of the world’s most prestigious makers. These large vases were created as part of Target’s Christmas 2009 Collection and is a wonderful expression Wander’s signature “turned wood” idiom. Sold as a pair or singly.

Matteo Thun Desk Clock for Tiffany & Co

Italian architect and designer Matteo Thun co-founded both Sottsass Associati and the Memphis Group in Milan and has led his eponymous firm since 2001 producing designs for everything from espresso cups to powerplants. This small but weighty desk clock for Tiffany & Co. is a souvenir of late 1980s interior design with its grey color, angular form and gridded face.

Phillipe Starck Liberté Letter Holder

From juicers to hotel interiors, Phillipe Starck designs are invariably elegant and witty. This small grassy field designed to hold letters is the perfect desk top example of Starck’s approach to design.

Vitra c/o Virgil Abloh Ceramic Block

In June, 2019, Virgil Abloh, designer of both Off-White and Louis Vuitton’s Menswear, created an art installation and three limited-edition home design products with design company Vitra in conjunction with Art Basel. The most conceptual piece was the Ceramic Block wall. Abloh and Vitra developed 999 ceramic orange bricks, each of which are numbered and together formed a structural element of the “TWENTYTHIRTYFIVE” exhibition. Like much of Abloh’s oeuvre, the ceramic block is labeled in an almost scientific way, with the typography an important design element and no two alike.