Visionaire 50 Artist Toys


Materials: Printed plastic

Country of Origin: France

Date: 2006

Dimensions: 4” H x 19" W x 19” D

Condition: New in plastic wrap 

After the run-away success of Visionaire 44: Toys and Visionaire 45: More Toys, both of with featured a set of 10 adorable yet provocative adult playthings created in collaboration with the cult toy manufacturer, Kid Robot, by an assortment of today's hottest fashion designers, the editors of Visionaire are pleased to present the 2006 edition, Artist Toys. Unlike the previous sets, which were created from the same toy prototype, the shape of this new original toy multiple is brand new. The artists who have been selected to customize the new prototype include painter Alex Katz; sculptors Tim Noble & Sue Webster and Tony Oursler; conceptual artist Rob Pruitt; graphic designer Chip Kidd; illustrator Robert Crumb and many more. The set of 10 toys come packaged in an all-white tray with a silk-screened clear cover. 1076 of 4000.