Visionaire 30 GAME Louis Vuitton FRANCE



Designer: Various

Manufacturer: Visionaire X Louis Vuitton

Materials: Blocks, Inserts, Lucite Case, Compass

Country of Origin: USA/France

Date: 1996

Dimensions: 8.25” W x 3” H x 8.25” D

Condition: Unused with game pieces in original plastic

Visionaire 30 GAME is not only a collection of art but also a game. Teams of artists, photographers, and image makers represent each of the countries participating in the Louis Vuitton Challenge of the America’s Cup: Australia, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, the United States, and here, France. In the spirit of games, the issue takes the form of a puzzle in which sixteen cubes, when placed in the correct configuration, form one of six possible images. The cubes, along with a portfolio of all forty-two images, sit in a silk-screened Lucite case by Louis Vuitton. Limited Edition 2410 of 6000.