Tapio Wirkkala Porcelaine Noir Pollo Bud Vase


Designer: Tapio Wirkkala

Manufacturer: Rosenthal AG

Materials: Black matte glazed porcelain with black gloss glazed interior

Country of Origin: Germany

Date: Designed - 1970; Produced 2012 Limited Edition

Dimensions: 4.5”h x 45”w x 5.5”d

Condition: Excellent    

The “Pollo” vase pictured, designed around 1970 is one of my favorite Wirkkala designs. Available in a variety of sizes and in black, grey or white porcelain, they are wonderful objects to handle. Rows of raised dots emanate from the “neck” opening that sits to one end of the “body” of the bird-shaped vase. Its bottom is rounded, so it rocks gently back and forth – an animated little thing.