Rosenthal Studio Line "Swirl" Vase



Manufacturer: Rosenthal AG

Material: White bisque porcelain with glazed interior

Country of Origin: Germany

Date: 1960s/1970s

Dimensions: 9” H x 4.25” W x 2.75"D

Condition: Excellent        


The Rosenthal Studio Line has been a registered design brand since 1961. Artists and designers including Martin Freyer, Raymond Loewy, Walter Gropius, Tapio Wirkkala, and Björn Wiinblad have created iconic designs in porcelain, often unglazed white bisque [with a glazed interior] to allow the form to also be the decoration. Unsigned and in the absence of source material that provides the actual name of this vase form, I've dubbed this vase "Swirl" for its incised pattern that wraps around it's oval form.