Richard Bernstein Diamond & Ruby Silk Screens


Artist: Richard Bernstein

Medium: Silk Screens

Date: 1977 & 1978

Dimensions: 30.5”W x 26” unframed

Condition: Excellent

Richard Bernstein (1939 – 2002) created more than 120 portraits for Interview magazine for 15 years starting in 1972. Mr. Bernstein's portraits of stars like Cher, Ali MacGraw, Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone captured the glittering excess of the disco era. Embellishing photographs with pencils, airbrush and pastels, he gave his subjects an idealized glow that was intensified by the large format of the magazine.
Bernstein had a larger body of non-commercial work. This included a series of one-off images of jewels and pearls as well as Diamond and Ruby, each an Edition of 200 with 30 Artist Proofs.