Popeye Skateboard 2021, Jeff Koons


Artist: Jeff Koons

Manufacturer: The Skateroom

Materials: Screenprint on maple

Country of Origin: Belgium

Date: 2021

Dimensions: 31” H x 8” W x 3” D each board

Condition: New

On this triptych of skateboards, Jeff Koons reinterprets a detail of his 2008 oil painting Triple Popeye, a layered and hand-painted composition with the iconic cartoon character, Popeye. Limited Edition 234/500.

“Popeye is about an image of, ‘I am what I am.’ Kind of a symbol of self-acceptance that you have to embrace who you are. Popeye has his spinach. Spinach brings about his transcendence, and brings about his power. That’s what art [is]. Art is our spinach.” – JEFF KOONS

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