Editors: Franco Moschino & Lida Castelli

Publisher: Edizioni Lybra Immagine

Date: 1996

Dimensions: 13.25”H x 10”W x 1.5”D

Condition: Very good

Franco Moschino was known for skewering fashion’s excesses (especially those of the 1980s), but no one loved the medium—from its humdrum to its most-glamorous aspects—more. This is a man who made a dress in the form of a shopping bag, worked measuring tapes into flower-embellished sleeves, crafted hats that looked like model airplanes, and didn’t shy away from send-ups of other designer’s work. 

Moschino’s own history was on display in the fall of 1993. Concurrent with X Years of Chaos!, a 10-year retrospective of his work at the Museo della Permanente that later traveled, the designer made a return to the runway. Like the exhibition, this fashion show highlighted a decade of hits, from slogan-emblazoned bathing suits to pieces embellished with everything from roses made from zippers to Barbie-size garments. It was Moschino’s last show; in 1994, the designer, at just 44, died of AIDS complications.