Artist: KAWS [Brian Donnelly]

Manufacturer: Medicom

Materials: Vinyl

Country of Origin: Japan

Date: 2019

Dimensions: 14.25” H x 13” W x 8.5” D

Condition: New

American artist Brian Donnelly, known as KAWS, began his career adding his graffiti to fashion advertising on NYC bus shelters and phone booths in the 1990s. He has gone on to create a large body of work including paintings and sculpture and collaborations with toy and apparel firms. The Companion figure is a clown-like figure based on Mickey Mouse and to date has been executed in sizes from 5 inches to 50 feet.

The figure features one Companion comforting another in a one-armed embrace. It's a replica of the artist's original 18-foot-high wooden ALONG THE WAY sculpture from 2013. The OG sculpture was exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum in 2015.