Gustavsberg Argenta Bowl



Designer: Wilhelm Kåge

Manufacturer: Gustavsberg

Materials: Glazed stoneware inlaid with raised silver 

Country of Origin: Sweden

Date: 1950s

Dimensions: 1.5” H x 5” DIA

Condition: Very good with some loss of silver

Artistic Director of the Gustavsberg porcelain factory from 1917 to 1949, Wilhelm Kåge developed new glazes and designs for over thirty different tableware series. In 1930, Kåge exhibited his Argenta Series at the Stockholm Exhibition. This was his first successful foray in ceramics. The series, which included everything from ashtrays to urns, was glazed in red, brown and blue; but it was the pieces finished in a green glaze with silver adornments that really caught people’s attention. The series epitomizes the style that became known as Swedish Grace.